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Here at Brighton Periodontal & Implant Dental Group, we do not underestimate the role we play in our patients' healthcare journeys. As dental specialists, we know that we are uniquely qualified and responsible for guiding our patients to recovery. We are able to diagnose, prevent, and treat all manners of gum health conditions to help you maintain optimal oral health. We can also keep in contact with your general dentist to ensure your comprehensive care.

As your local periodontal office, we can provide immediate medical treatment for a wide variety of gum health conditions, including those that are both chronic and complex. You can also count on us for any ongoing treatment. By providing you with invaluable patient education, we can also help you make decisions regarding your daily oral health needs or guide you in making any decisions about a larger treatment plan.

Each member of our team works closely with our patients to meet their needs. Have any questions or concerns? We will be here for you with answers before, during, or even after your treatment. From the very first phone call, we put your needs first. Your comfort and safety mean everything to us. In addition to all this, we acknowledge the individuality of each patient — which is why we personalize each treatment plan to give each patient the unique, customized attention they deserve.

We know that going to the periodontist can be a stressful, even scary, endeavor. That is why we are here to ease you into the treatment process as much as possible. We want you to have a pleasant patient experience, and we dedicate ourselves to ensuring our patients heal comfortably. We are here to walk you through each step of the recovery process, and we are proud to offer top-notch treatment to the community of Woodland Hills.

Not only will we give you the quality of care you deserve, we also prioritize patient education. This is why we publish regular blog posts on some of the most common periodontal issues faced by our patients. The answers to our patients' most common health questions and concerns can be found right here on our page. Feel free to scroll through our archives to better educate yourself on your health.

Here at Brighton Periodontal & Implant Dental Group, we believe in the power of the old adage "knowledge is power," and we know the importance of an empowered patient. We want to give our patients all the tools they need to help keep themselves in tip-top shape. When you are ready to make an appointment, call us at (818) 703-7733. We will be happy to respond to any of your questions and concerns before creating a personalized treatment plan for your unique needs. Let us help you.

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