A healthy amount of bone mass in your jaw is important for a number of reasons. Not only does it help you to eat and speak properly, it gives your face its shape and supports your lower arch of teeth. Furthermore, a strong healthy jaw is needed if you are interested in dental implants. Your jaw can lose its mass following tooth extraction since the absence of the tooth root can cause the jaw bone to deteriorate. The strength of your jaw bone can also be compromised by advanced gum disease. If you are considering implants, our dentists, Dr. Homa H. Zadeh, Dr. Ali Zadeh, Dr. Sara Tanavoli and Dr. Karen Wager, may suggest a bone graft in Woodland Hills, California. A bone graft may also be used as part of addressing periodontal issues.

In a bone graft, a piece of healthy bone, usually taken from another area of your jaw or from another part of your body, such as your hip is grafted on to the area where it is needed. Ideally, the graft should be taken from your body, however if necessary, material from a tissue bank can be used.

Dr. Zadeh has pioneered the VISTA technique, which is a minimally invasive approach to dentistry. Dr. Zadeh enhances the size and length soft tissues surrounding the graft, allowing the graft to bond effectively with your jaw.

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