Lost bone mass in your jaw can cause problems for your smile and could keep you from getting dental implants and can make it difficult for our dentists to place other types of restorations. Your jaw bone can deteriorate if you lose a tooth or if you have an extraction. Bone loss can also be the result of advanced periodontal disease. The result is a small indentation in the bone and the gum. Your dentist may suggest a ridge augmentation prior to an implant placement or another treatment.

The dentist will fill the area in the jaw bone with grafting material. This builds the ridge, which is also known as the alveolar ride take on a more natural appearance and a better shape to support a dental implant or other restoration. This treatment is usually used for patients who have had one or more missing teeth for a longer period of time and whose jaw bones may be affected. Dr. [dpctor_name] can use the VIST tecnnique as a minimally =-invasive way to gain access to the bone and place the graftng material. Dr. Zadeh is the creator and developer of the VISTA technique, making our office your first choice for ridge augmentation.

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