Because dental implants need a healthy amount of bone to do their job, our dentists may need to add bone mass prior to placing your implant. The jaw bone begins to reabsorb or lose mass if there are no teeth present. If you are receiving implants in your upper jaw to replace missing molars or premolars, you may need a procedure known as sinus augmentation which is also known as a sinus lift. If we are placing implants for your back teeth, the affected area will be the maxillary sinuses, which are on the upper jaw located on each side of your nose.

Sinus augmentation involves moving the sinus membrane away from the jaw and the placement of bone grafting material on the area. The graft needs between four and nine months to properly bond with the natural bone tissues. Once the dentist is assured that the graft has taken and has healed, the process of placing an implant and adding the crown or restoration can begin.

Dr. Homa H. Zadeh has done important work in implant technology and periodontal health. He has the knowledge, experience and expertise, and a team of colleagues and dental professionals that employ the latest technology to make your visit comfortable and successful.

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