Grafts are extremely useful in replacing lost bone mass to improve the health of your upper or lower jaws. While we do make use of bone grafts at Brighton Periodontal & Implant Dental Group our dentists and team also use a treatment known as bone morphogenetic protein to regrow lost bone mass. Rather than using bone tissue taken from another part of your body or a tissue bank, this process stimulates your body to grow the bone in a needed area.

Although the name sounds complicated the process is actually quite simple and was developed in 1965. During your surgical procedure, a collagen sponge is soaked with a protein that has been found to stimulate the growth of bone tissue. When the surgery is complete, the sponge is placed in the area where it is needed and the site is closed. The sponge then begins releasing the protein that triggers the new bone growth. Over time, the sponge is resorbed and the protein dissipates. The treatment is ideal for patients who need a sinus or ridge augmentation, or who need to strengthen their jaw bones in preparation for a dental implant.

To learn more about how we use bone morphogenetic protein in Woodland Hills, California, to improve your oral health, or if you would like to make an appointment with Dr. Homa H. Zadeh, Dr. Ali Zadeh, Dr. Sara Tanavoli or Dr. Karen Wager, call 818-703-7733 today. A member of our team will be happy to help.