You may not realize it, but your mouth is home to many different types of bacteria. Not only can the bacteria cause problems such as advanced gum disease, bad breath and loose or lost teeth, they can also have dramatic impacts on your cardiovascular and respiratory systems. This is why healthy gums are vital to your smile and the rest of your body. The major cause of gum disease is the buildup on your teeth of plaque, which in its hardened form is known as calculus. To address this problem in its early stages, our dentists may suggest a called a gingivectomy. It is more commonly known as flap surgery or pocket reduction surgery. Essentially, this treatment removes the calculus and bacteria from your teeth and stops the loss of jaw bone that can come from periodontal disease. This procedure also makes it easier for you to care for your teeth and gums at home.

During a gingivectomy, the dentist will give you a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable. Then your gums will be pulled away from your teeth and given a deep cleaning. This particular treatment is also known as scaling and root planing. An antimicrobial agent will be applied to remove any remaining bacteria. When the treatment is finished, the dentist will suture your gums into place. You may experience some minor sensitivity immediately following your visit, but in a matter of weeks you will be enjoying a healthier smile.

Dr. Homa H. Zadeh may also suggest the use of the VISTA techique in repairing damage to your gums. in this procedure, Dr. Zadeh accesses the area above your gums to reposition the tissue and add L-PRF fibrin to assist your body in healing itself. This treatment creates less impact on your mouth and can be done in a single visit to our office.

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