At Brighton Periodontal & Implant Dental Group, our dentists and team are dedicated to utilizing state of the art treatments to shorten your recovery time following a visit and improving your dental experience.

We use leucocyte-and platelet-rich fibrin or L-PRF to help you to heal more quickly following oral surgery or other treatments at our office. Before your treatment begins, we take a very small sample of your blood and isolate the platelet-rich protein, which is normally used by our bodies to help us heal from injuries. We then apply this protein to the affected area to decrease the time needed for your body to heal from your procedure regenerate the affected tissue and improve the healing process.

Our dentists and team use L-PRF during the VISTA technique for addressing gum recession. Because the VISTA technique allows our dentists greater access to areas of your mouth and dentition, L-PRF therapy can be extremely effective in the healing process. Dr. Zadeh is the creator of the VISTA technique and can ensure that you will see the results that you want.

This is a safe, proven way to use your body’s own protein to help your heal. While it may be used in a number of different processes, it has been found to be especially beneficial in helping patients recover after dental implant placement.

If you would like to make leucocyte-and platelet-rich fibrin in Woodland Hills, California a part of your next visit, or if you are just interested in learning more about it, call 818-703-7733 today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Homa H. Zadeh, Dr. Ali Zadeh, Dr. Sara Tanavoli or Dr. Karen Wager.