Damage to your tooth through decay or trauma puts you at risk for a serious cavity or infection, which could lead to the loss of your tooth. But what happens when the damage is not bad enough to require a crown but needs more than filling? That is when our dentists may suggest a dental inlay or onlay, which are also known as partial crowns.

So, what is the difference? A dental inlay is used to repair damage that has not reached the cusps of your tooth. The cusps are the tips of your tooth and “cusp’ can also refer to the ridges on your molars and premolars. By contrast, a dental onlay is used when the damage has reached one or more cusps of your tooth. Not only will a dental inlay or onlay protect your tooth, both restorations can restore the function and the appearance of your smile. Each one is created in our office to blend in perfectly with your smile and to be virtually unnoticeable to others.

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