When most people think of dentures, they think of false teeth that pop right in and out of someone’s mouth. While this may be true for many people, the fact is that there is more to a set of dentures than most people know, and there will be times you will need to come in to Brighton Periodontal & Implant Dental Group to have them adjusted or repaired.

The shape of your mouth, your jaw bone and your gums changes over time, which will affect the fit of your dentures. There is also the chance that you could break your dentures. If either of these things occurs, it is extremely important that you do not try to adjust or repair your dentures on your own. You could further damage your appliance and the chemicals used in some household glues and adhesives can be toxic if ingested. If your denture needs to be repaired or adjusted, you should make an appointment to see our dentists.

Most dentures made today are lined and over time that lining will need to be replaced. A hard reline involves replacing the layer of plastic over the inside of your denture to match the changing shape of your gumline. You should see us for a hard reline every two years. A soft reline is used for patients with tender gums and allows them to wear their dentures without discomfort. If you have a soft liner, see us once a year for a replacement. Finally, a temporary reline can be used to help reduce inflamed gums in preparation for a new denture or a reline.

If you have been experiencing problems with your dentures and would like to learn more about denture repair in Woodland Hills, California, call 818-703-7733 today for your appointment with Dr. Homayoun H. Zadeh, Dr. Ali Zadeh, Dr. Sara Tanavoli or Dr. Karen Wager.